Теннис иснер клеман прогнозы

Джон Изнер – Теннис Сандгрен — прогноз и ставка на матч 1/8 решающего сета французского технаря Арно Клемана (,). Онлайн трансляция теннисного матча Джон Иснер (США) — Арно Клеман (​Франция). Ньюпорт.

Изнер Джон Клеман Арно ‹ США: Ньюпорт: ATP — Одиночный ‹ Матчи ‹ Теннис ‹ LiveResult

Вся информация: статистика, новости, интервью, фото. Пятый решающий сет матча Маю и Изнера уже превзошел по длительности теннис иснер клеман прогнозы Санторо и Клемана на «Ролан Гаррос». Прогнозы на спорт. 22 июня, 10 лет назад стартовал самый длинный матч в истории тенниса Предыдущий рекорд принадлежал французам Фабрису Санторо и Арно Клеману, чей матч на «Ролан Гаррос» Изнер и Маю оба побили рекорд по количеству эйсов, сделанных в матче: – у.

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  1. The passing shot at 1:10 Nick actually touches the net before second bounce lol

  2. よくこんな長いラリーを3セット6ゲームもしてられるよ…マリオテニスでさえ1セット6ゲームで疲れるというのに…

  3. Its a slow process, but the transition from 5:33 to 16:56 is my favorite thing about this match.

  4. 疑問に思ったんですけど1:05のプレーってタッチネットにはならないんですかね?

    1. シングルコートだから関係ないんじゃないですか?

  5. 재미있네…페더러와 나달이 흥행 포인트였는데. 계속 나오려나

  6. Happy Bday Rogie, Aug.8, may you have many more to come, be well be safe and be blessed we miss you and we love you🇨🇭🎂😘🤗

  7. tbh i really like roger but somehow i seemed to like well in this game i seemed to like nicks game better

  8. I really like seeing Nick Kyrgios like this… Ive never been a fan of some of his antics and his attitude, but hes so talented and, when hes playing seriously like this, hes a world class contender. At the end, he was genuinely emotional. He played his absolute best. I thought he played better than Federer actually; he just choked under the pressure and dumped a few in the net during the match tiebreak. You can tell it really mattered to him. When he phones it in and acts like an ass, I dont care for him, but when hes in this mode, its awesome to watch him play. He has an incredible game.

  9. why dont Nick plays same like this in grandslams and masters. He has more talent is his pinky than that brat zverev who cant do shit in slams. If Nick starts taking things seriously he will own that brat

  10. 1:11
    But its illegal to touch the net before the ball bounces twice, right?

  11. i think nick could done better when i saw roger start slice back hands i knew he was trying to make nick miss and then he would create an opening so said so done.

  12. Should Kyrgios lose the point 1:10 where he touches the net before the ball bounces twice?

  13. 1:07 Point — Kygrios touches the net before the ball is dead ….. Wheres the umpiring?

  14. I will always root for krygios losing
    Look at tennis douchebag videos. Nick is in each one of them

  15. 1:11 Did you miss that Robbie? Kyrgios runs around the net and touches it before his ball bounced a second time. Everybody missed it, he shouldve lost the point. Boy would he have been pissed

  16. Kyrgios is far more trickier if a player than folk give him credit. He is sneaky and crafty. He mixes touch with pace and gets inside of the timing of opponents. He anticipates well and can give you hell if you underestimate him.

  17. 6:05 “Yeah right” by Roger… gamesmanship! He’s completely taking the piss out of Nick for missing the forehand because of lack of effort… love it!

  18. Even in this match were nick tried for the most part. He makes it look like hes just toying with the game of tennis. Somehow feel like underneath the b.s. hes the best at it period. One of those situation were someone is amazing at something they dont seem to have interest in. Unfortunate. The underlying greatness shows so much.

  19. Sad that Nick has not been a Top 3 or 4 player the past few years. Certainly has the talent. Just not the melon.

  20. could you please teach wimbledon, us open and roland garros how to make highlights😂

  21. Nick blew it when it came to the most important points. This is what makes the big difference between great players and legends.

  22. I always notice how well Krygios behaves wehn he plays Roger compared to how he acts around the others.. You can see the respect there..

  23. I am a fed fan.. but Nick played better.. much better.. unlucky to miss few of the crucial points…

  24. 1:12 should’ve been Federer’s point, Nick touched the net before the second bounce

  25. Wish I could just watch kyrgios without the snotty high drama. He is the subject of his own image. Not a good way to go.

  26. Roger Roger Roger…. What a treat to watch him….He makes us look how easy tennis is…The beauty of Roger is that he makes the opponent play his kind of tennis…Nick forgot his style of play in this match 😂😂😂

  27. No, focking way. You lose by one thoudandth of a single point to beat the Grestest Player in Humand Kind? To beat God (Fedder)? Because you made an unforced error. I be crying.

  28. Kyrgios is a stupid player.Very bad mentality!!🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  29. This is the most quality match I’ve ever watch before! Roger and nick both are fight for every point! And roger literally came back in the second set and third set! He’s the legend🔥🔥

  30. Nick could have beaten anybody that night just not the one and only RF.

  31. Excelente nivel de los dos pero los nervios y el temple de acero al final es lo que hace la diferencia de una leyenda pase lo que pase después de este juego ya no importa esto quedó para la historia era su momento de kiorgios, tiene fuerza, rapidez y muñequeo como de frontenista o de squash raro su estilo y destreza mental pero Federer nació con el don simplemente

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